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Over 20 years we have completed hundreds of mobile connectivity installations for govenment, commercial and domestic clients.


Mobile Coverage Solutions

Unfortunately many properties suffer from poor mobile reception. Perhaps the nearest mobile tower is too far away or there are large structures impeding the signal path. Whatever the reason when the signal is weak it is difficult to use the full capability of a mobile phone.

If this is a problem with your property, we can help.

Whether it is home in the country or a large commercial shopping centre, there will be a solution that will give you a strong mobile signal where you need it.

Our Services

Mobile Booster


A common way to improve reception on your premises.

Point To Point Wifi Links


When the location is difficult we can help with a new link.

Wifi Coverage Solutions


We can provide a solution to your Wi-Fi network problems.

Antenna Installations


We specialize in 3G/4G/4GX Mobile Antenna Installations.

Past Projects

Bents Basin National Park

Bents Basin National Park

This was an install for National Parks in a remote area where there was no mobile coverage to a swimming hole and no coverage for emergency calls. Signal was captured in a hill top location utilizing solar power with battery back up and signal beamed 200-300m down hill into a water hole location.

Domestic install Glenorie

Domestic Installation Glenorie

This was an installation for a customer to provide Telstra mobile reception throughout their home and yard. We also also installed a MIMO 4GX antenna system to provide high speed internet access, internal wi-fi access points to distribute internet and a wi-fi point to point link to distribute internet signal to a granny flat 200m away.

Blowering Dam National Park

Blowering Dam National Park

Requirements on this site were for two individual feeds for 2 x 4GX Cisco Routers. This was a remote site with only one tower to chose from so we needed to go up to 20ft to get good quality signal. Results were fantastic with 2 high speed internet connections being the result.

Narrabri National Parks Main office

Narrabri National Parks Main Office

From this one location we were able to duplicate the high speed NBN connection via wi-fi to two other government buildings. One was across the road and the other, the works depot, over 1km away. Cel-fi mobile boosters were also installed to provide quality signal throughout all premises.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have other questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

There are many cheap illegal mobile boosters available on-line these days. Be aware these products are easily detectable by network providers and you are likely to get a knock on the door and risk prosecution and heavy fines.

We use Cel-Fi brand equipment which is the only product legally approved by all Australian network carriers. They are a proven, robust commercial grade system that are individually registered to network carriers as deployed in the field.

An external donor antenna is installed in a similar fashion as to a Free to Air TV antenna on the roof and is tuned into a main (macro) tower for the selected network (Telstra , Optus or Vodaphone) to be boosted.

From the donor antenna a cable is run to the Cel-Fi booster unit which is typically installed in the roof space of your home. Another cable extends from the booster to a distribution antenna that spreads the signal throughout your home or office.

Mobile Boosters

Typically a home up to 400 m2 would be covered by 1 x distribution antenna in the ceiling. Different materials such as concrete, brick and tin can restrict signal penetration and extra distribution antennas may be needed to provide complete coverage. One booster unit can provide 4-5 distribution antennas (depending on cable run lengths and quality and strength of the boosted signal) allowing coverage of very large homes, office spaces, retirement homes, function centres, clubs etc.

The short answer is YES.

This however for a domestic situation can get expensive and we would normally recommend that everyone in the household sticks to the one network. In the commercial sector this is common practice. For example in a shopping centre environment this type of mixed system is required to provide signal to all customers regardless of what network they are on. In saying this we have done this many times for domestic customers who are in a situation where this is necessary for their individual circumstances.

If you are able to get 1 bar of signal even outside your home, we will be able to boost signal throughout your home. Sometimes in more remote or poor signal areas it may be necessary to install a taller mast on the roof to get good quality signal to boost. It is pointless boosting poor quality signal as all you will end up with is more poor quality signal. The boosters do not improve the quality they only boost the incoming signal from the donor antenna.

This is why it is highly recommended you get an experienced professional to install this system. We carry all the latest test equipment and tower locators and can test to see if this will work prior to installation. If we cannot get enough quality incoming signals we will let you know and will not do the installation.

Every install is different and pricing can vary depending on many factors including geographical location, structure and size of your home, roof masting requirements and your specific needs.

This being said, we have completed hundreds of these installations and found on average for a standard size home that requires one internal distribution antenna, the total cost to test, supply and install is $2,250 plus GST. We carry all the equipment on board with us and usually are able to complete the installation on the day of on-site signal test and final quote.

YES... Wireless Connect has installed many commercial premises ranging from small office set ups to large shopping centre complexes and hotels.

There are multiple ways to install commercial jobs depending on the scale and scope of works required. We do a comprehensive site inspection including signal testing, cable run investigation and discussion with client for their coverage requirements.

We have in place a set of proven processes and procedures that align both client and Wireless Connect on all aspects of the project including budget requirements, service expectations, system design and on-site OH&S.

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With our extensive experience with mobile connectivity, we can work out a cost-effective solution for your project.
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