Mobile Booster

We can boost mobile reception for both commercial and residential locations.

Commercial Installation

There are many different ways to install a booster in a commercial environment. The most appropriate option will depend on the features of that particular site.

For a shopping centre complex, multi-storey office buildings or a retirement village, we can install 3G and 4G for all telco carriers using the Cel-fi Go system.

By using multiple booster units throughout the building, we are able to distribute strong signal to every corner of the property. These systems need experienced designers and installers to provide a reliable performing system.

Cel-Fi Go InstallationCel-Fi Go Installation

If access to run cables is difficult or if the site requirements better suite, we may install a Cel-fi Quatra 4000. With excellent coverage capabilities this system uses CAT6 ethernet cabling which fits easily into existing IT infrastructure.

This system allows you to monitor and manage devices from the CEL-Fi Wave app. The app provides carrier grade security, gets performance metrics, receives e-mail and text alerts if there are interruptions in cellular service.

Cel-Fi Quatra 4000 installationCel-Fi Quatra 4000 installation

Domestic Installation

We can provide mobile coverage throughout your home or office.

We use the Nextivity Cel-fi Go system which is the only network legally approved mobile booster system in Australia.

These systems can be set to 3G or 4G or, in the case of Optus and Vodaphone systems, simultaneously 3G and 4G.

Coverage is up to 900msq and provides signal for up to 20+ active users.

After initial phone consultation, we can do a remote survey of your site and see if your property will be able to be serviced by available network towers. We can then give you a price estimate.

If you are happy then we can arrange a site survey to do an onsite signal test with our test equipment.

If signal is good we can finalise the quote onsite and normally install straight away.

If signal is not good, we will let you know the installation would not improve your situation.

Domestic Installation

For a free consultation on the merits of a mobile booster installation for your premises, contact us now on 1300 841 840.

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